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We love music, dancing and a beautiful life. We have worked with world famous DJs at huge luxury events. We know exactly what you need, because our priority is providing skill, originality and a professional show. We are here to make your party exclusive, memorable and one of a kind!

Lady MoSS's Angels

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About us

Lady MoSS's Angels was founded in 2014 as a project of professional dancer and choreographer from Russia - Marina Vlasenko, stage name Lady MoSS – who is currently living and operating in Bratislava, Slovakia. Thanks to several years on the world scene (mostly in Moscow, Russia and Spain), a lot of experiences and a huge creativity, she brings to Slovakia a brand new level of production in the area of original dance shows, unconventional hostessing and promotion.


In addition to her own projects Marina also teaches classes for children and adults in a prestigious dance school in Bratislava, choreographically leads a successful commercial dance group, with which she was a part of many shows and promotions and also appeared in world famous musical.


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Go-Go dancers

Under the wings of Lady MoSS's Angels we present only beautiful and experienced go-go dancers. We dispose with a lot of extravagant costumes in a variety of styles, colors and themes. The role of dancers is using an improvised dance accompanied by dance music to attract guests,help people begin to have fun and please the eyes of spectators.


Go-go dancers of Lady MoSS's Angels are a stylish accessory to every party!


Are you looking for a luxury version of go-go dance? We offer the IMPRO DANCE SHOW!


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Impro show

Lady MoSS's Angels  brings a unique  IMPRO DANCE SHOW as a response to the low  level  of improvised party dance  interpretation (go-go dance) and its perception in Slovakia. IMPRO DANCE SHOW by Lady MoSS's Angels  represents  professionalism, elegance and luxury – standard  qualities of  world’s  production. Girls  acting  under  the name Lady MoSS's Angels are not  only  beautiful, but also  skilled  dancers  (both  motional and expressive way)with  experience in this type of  dancing. A part of  this show are also  the  original  costumes (some  even  with  luminous  elements) created by Lady MoSS.


Thanks  to these  parameters  IMPRO DANCE SHOW by Lady MoSS's Angels  is  suitable  not  only to the disco clubs, but also for various  usage on events and promotions of all  kinds!


What is impro party dance?


There is no choreography or music prepared in this type of dancing, therefore it requires experienced dancers with a great sense of rhythm perception and knowledge of different styles of dance. Thanks to these skills they can enjoy the rhythm of the selected music genre and work creative with their bodies and facial expressions. The skillis what makes the show original!


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We have prepared for You something NEW  - Lady MoSS's Angels & Melin

Lady MoSS’s Angels & Melin

The project Lady MoSS's Angels & Melin was created in 2016 by combining classical music, art and dance elegance - violin improvisation and  improvisation dance. It delivers music and quality dancing with a professional and luxurious finish. Girls from Lady MoSS's Angels are not only beautiful, but also fit,  flexible and expressive dancers. In conjunction with professional artistic virtuoso Melin, becomes an unusual and beautiful combination of two elements - music and dance. These features show that the Lady MoSS's Angels & Melin is appropriate not only for the disco club, but also for widespread use in various kinds of events or for promotional purposes. The advantage of the show is the variety of costumes per event theme.


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Pole Dance Show

POLE DANCE SHOW combines breathtaking acrobatic movements centered on a vertical burlesque pole about three meters above the ground and perfect dance on the stage around the pole. Pole dance has two faces – choose a soft artistic performance or dynamic sexy show!  Only beautiful and professional pole dancers can perform under the wings of Lady MoSS's Angels.


POLE DANCE SHOW by Lady MoSS's Angels is a great non-traditional program for events of all kinds!


An inseparable part of the show is the vertical pole. If the space is not equipped with it, we provide the performances on X-STAGE LITE (a stage with a pole), which dimensions are 3 meters in height and 1.6 meters in width. When ordering the show please do not forget your space limitations!


In case your area does not meet the technical requirements for Pole dance show, we will prepare a full-valued alternative - SOLO DANCE SHOW! Artistic or dynamic, thematic dance performance by professional dancer Lady MoSS, full of effects and with using props, attracts every audience!


SOLO DANCE SHOW by Lady MoSS's Angels is a perfect original program for all types of events!


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Live Table Hostess

Lady  Furshetis a beautiful model in a special luxury and particularly functional costume Live table, to who your guests will not stop looking.


Lady  Furshet is a nice hostess who will welcome your guests with a smile and a welcome drink.


Lady  Furshet is a handy promoter, who will offer your guests a sample or promotional material without any problems.


Live Table Lady Furshet by Lady MoSS's Angels is a beautiful, innovative and useful decoration of your event, which due to its noblese will not escape from anybody’s attention!


Thanks to  its innovativeness and universality Live Table Lady Furshet is a suitable complement to each event, whether you organize a social event, corporate party or PR event. Take advantage of novelty on the Slovak  market for your party, reception, balls, gala dinners, productlaunch, press conference, road show, theme party, open door day, benefice event, fashion show or wedding - just everywhere you want  to engage the attention!


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